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Why use Gran Canaria Airport?

This is the essential platform dedicated in providing helpful information on all activity at Las Palmas Airport (LPA). Here travellers on business or leisure can better plan their visit or holiday to Gran Canaria.

We provide the latest information on topics ranging from Airport Safety regarding Covid-19, Duty Free Allowance to Disability Assistance at the airport. Also, there is a live status of current Arrivals and Departures of flights at the airport. What about baggage allowances and getting through airport security? All these topics are discussed to better prepare the traveller with this essential information.

When leaving the airport there are a number of different transport options available from LPA airport. There are a number of bus services that regularly operate to the major districts. Taxi transfers is another option that many visitors avail of. Also car hire is a cheap and independent way to travel within Gran Canaria. We provide a car rental comparison search engine so visitors can get the best car hire deal.

Our guide also provides researched information on the main resorts all within an 30-60 minute drive from the airport. Along with this there is helpful suggestions on the many hotels that can be enjoyed during a visit to Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria Airport is the authoritative website for everything at LPA Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it necessary for passengers to take a COVID-19 test before embarking on their journey?

Yes, as from November 23rd, 2020, all passengers entering must present a certificate with a NEGATIVE PCR result (COVID-19 RT-PCR) performed 72 hours prior to arrival. This has now been updated to exclude UK travellers as of May 24th 2021.

Is physical distancing needed or advised in the building of LPA airport?

Yes, Physical distancing (1.5 m) is required at the airport. Spacing marks are available on escalators and moving walkways, including all elevators.

Does LPA Airport provide face coverings?

No, however face covering can be purchased at the airport. Passengers must wear a face covering when inside the terminal building and other areas of the airport.

Is it essential for passengers to fill out a pre-travel health declaration form provided by the government or the airport?

Yes, If you travel to Spain from another country after July 1, 2020, you must fill out and sign the FCS form associated with your journey, regardless of your nationality, age, or any other factor. This form must be filled out by each passenger.

What airport do you fly in to for Gran Canaria?

Las Palmas Airport (LPA) is the main airport on Gran Canaria. It’s IATA code is LPA. However, locals still call it by its old name Gando Aeropuerto.

How many airports are on Gran Canaria?

There is just the one airport on the island of Gran Canaria. It has one terminal on two levels with are used for International and Domestic flights. Departures are handled on the first floor, while arrivals are handled on the ground floor.
In the one terminal there are four zones:
A Zone – flights within Canary Islands
B Zone – European and Schengen zone
C Zone – European and Schengen zone
D Zone – International and non-Schengen flights

Where is the airport located in Gran Canaria?

The airport is located just 19 km from the capital city Las Palmas on the East coast of the island. The main autovia GC-1 which connects the airport to the North and South of Gran Canaria allows travel to the Southern resorts within 30 minutes by car or taxi transfer. The airport is ideally placed for the Southern resorts on the island.

Gran Canaria Airport Weather

The weather in Gran Canaria is near perfect! It has a sub-tropical climate. Therefore you can expect a warm and dry climate whatever month you visit.

Due to the Gulf Stream and trade winds and the position of Gran Canaria in relation to the other Canary Islands, the island enjoys an incredibly warm-mild temperature year round. Flights to LPA airport are seldom delayed due to weather conditions. With over 300 days of sunshine a year it has one of the best climates in Europe. Also with the high mountainous terrain in the centre of the island, these mountains often provide a shelter to areas in the South.

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