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Low-Cost Car Hire Gran Canaria Airport

Hiring a car at Gran Canaria Airport can be one of the best options to explore, enjoy and discover Gran Canaria. Below is a helpful guide to get the best low-cost offers on your car hire from Las Palmas airport.

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Car rental Las Palmas de Gran Canaria airport. Eurocar, Alamo,Rhodium, Topcar, Thrifty, Avis, Enterprise
Car rental Companies at Gran Canaria Airport. Also car hire in Maspalomas. Car rental in Puerto Rico.
Credit Cards Acceptedat Las Palmas Gran Canaria Airport.

Car Hire Offices Available at Gran Canaria Airport

Car Rental agency offices located In Terminal
Avis, AutoReisen, Enterprise, Eurocar, Goldcar, Hertz, Interrent, Rhodium, Sixt, Thrifty, Top Car.

Car Rental agency offices located Off Site (Free Shuttle Bus)
Dollar, Keddy by Eurocar

Fuel Policies at Las Palmas Gran Canaria Airport

Fuel Policies. What is the best car hire fuel policy at Gran Canaria Airport car hire?

Check the car hire company’s fuel policy. There are many different fuel policies out there and it can be rather confusing to find what is best for you. At the time of booking select your fuel policy.

Full to Empty

The car upon collection at Gran Canaria Airport will have full tank of fuel in it and you should endeavour to return it empty. The advantage of Full to Empty policy is having a full tank and not having to worry about filling up as soon as you leave the airport.
You need to return the car with an empty tank as you will NOT get a refund for any fuel in the tank. This fuel policy may not be the best for you if you only intend to use the car occasionally.

Full to Empty (Partial Refund)

This is similar to the above policy but means that you will get a refund for any unused fuel minus an administration fee.

Full to Full

Your hire car will be supplied with a full tank of fuel and you should return it with a full tank of fuel. Again they will charge you at the rental desk a higher rate per litre than you would of paid at a local fuel station. A fuel deposit is usually taken. If you return the car full and does not need any fuel to top up, then your deposit will be refunded.

Choose your fuel policy wisely as this will in the long run save you money. What may initially seem like the cheapest option does not work out that way. Generally Full to Full works out the cheapest as this option. To fill up the tank and return the car with a full tank there a a couple of petrol stations nearby that you can use:

Petrol stations near Las Palmas Gran Canaria Airport

Estación de servicio Cepsa
Aeropuerto De Gando, Lado Aire, 35230 Telde, Las Palmas, Spain This is the closest to the terminal building approx 400m South.

There are other petrol stations near Gran Canaria Airport

El Paso 2000 service station right near the airport just on the GC-191/Av. De Carlos V which is off of Junction 18 and again slightly south of the airport.

Car Hire Insurance and Break-Down Cover at Gran Canaria Airport

Car Insurance for Car Hire at Gran Canaria Airport

The price you see quoted for your car at Gran Canaria Airport always includes a basic insurance cover. This will cover you for damage, theft and third-party cover. It comes with an excess which means you have to pay an initial contribution towards a claim. That is why many hire companies will ask you to consider Excess Insurance Cover. This is extra cover you can buy so the rental company does not take anything from your credit card.

Excess Insurance Cover

This insurance cover will either partly or fully cover the cost of the excess in the event of damage to the car. Break-down cover may also be included which is a bonus. If you buy it from the rental company then your credit card will not be blocked for the amount of the excess.

Alternately if you already have extra Excess Cover with a third-party company, there is no need to buy from the rental company. But the car hire company will still charge any cost incurred for the repair of the car to your credit card. You will then need to claim a refund from your third-party Excess insurance provider.

The comparison website on this page gives you the option to buy Damage Refund Insurance cover that covers damage, theft, tyres, windows, wheels, key cover and personal possessions. This will be with a third-party provider and considerably cheaper than what they charge at the rental desk. So when they offer you excess protection at the desk, there is no need to buy from them as you already have the Damage Refund Insurance cover.

If you want to check out some deals for excess insurance, use the comparison search box at the top of this page.

You may want to read “Car Hire – Credit Card and Debit Cards” for further helpful information. Also take a look at the our Car Hire Insurance page for more clarification.

Gran Canaria Airport Driver Requirements and Additional Drivers

Drivers must to be 21 years of age or more.
If under 25 years you will likely be charge a supplement.
A supplement may be charged to senior drivers.

It is a good option to add another driver to the policy so as to share the driving. Any additional drivers will need to bring their driving licence. Rental companies vary is their charges for this option, but sometimes this is offered free of charge.

Time of Pick-up and Drop-off at Gran Canaria Airport

Pick up your car at Gran Canaria Airport

Car hire rental desks are not open 24/7 at the airport. Remember to check what time you are arriving at LPA airport.
Most car hire companies charge an out of hours fee, this is usually after 11pm and before 7am. Check what they charge if they do offer this service and check how frequent their shuttle bus is operating. However, be aware some car hire companies do not offer out of hours collection or drop-off.

TIP: Avoid being charged for an extra day. Return the car an hour earlier on the day, so your rental period will not go in to another day.

How to cancel my car hire

Sometimes the unexpected happens and you have to cancel. Canceling the booking within 48 hours of your pick-up time will avoid a cancellation fee and you will not be charged a fee. Remember if you bought extra insurance with a third-party you need to cancel this also. It is worth checking the company’s cancellation policy before you book your car hire.

If you made your booking online it is recommend you cancel it online. This is easier than calling them regarding the cancellation.

Leaving with your hire car from Gran Canaria airport

Gran Canaria Airport Car hire. The easy steps to hiring a car at Gran Canaria airport.

Driving in Gran Canaria – Essential Information

Once you have the car keys in your hand you just want to get on the road. However, it beneficial to note a few extra things before you set off.

First thing to remember is everyone drives on the right side in Gran Canaria, as in the rest of the Canary Islands.
Here are a few tips to consider:


Remember everything is the opposite so proceed in an anti-clockwise direction. Best advice is to drive slowly and stay in the lane.

Motorways near Gran Canaria Airport:

If the slip road is too short you will have to stop and wait until it is free of moving cars before you enter the motorway. Enter on the slow lane to the far right.

Pay attention to road signs:

The island is good for road signs and gives you a good sense that you are driving in the right direction. The roads inland are more challenging but a Sat Nav can often get you to your destination.

Fuel stations:

The fuel pumps are colour coded with green for unleaded petrol and black for diesel. Some Petrol/Gasoline filling stations may require pre-payment before the pump will operate. Credit cards are generally accepted for payment.


On the motorways, you will find emergency telephones linked to an SOS telephone network at intervals of 2km. The emergency telephone number is 112.

Parking in Gran Canaria

The last thing you want is to get using your car hire is a parking fine because you did not fully understand the signs or lines on the road and what they mean. Again a little advance preparation can go along way in making your driving and parking experience an enjoyable time.

Here are a few things to remember:

Yellow line on road: Single unbroken yellow lines on the side of the road mean absolutely no parking.
Yellow kerb line: Again no parking
Blue lines: Parking allowed by paying a parking fee. This is paid at the nearest ticket machine.
White lines: Free parking allowed.
No parking signs: They will usually have the words “prohibido estacionar” or “vado permanente” – Be warned.
Disabled Parking: This is marked by a wheelchair symbol.

Parking fines in Gran Canaria

If the time is exceeded while parked this can result in a parking fine. However you can get this waived at the nearest ticket machine within the hour of the expiry time.
If it’s too late for that, the best thing you can do is to pay the fine immediately before your car hire company becomes involved – otherwise you will be charged an additional administration fee by the hire company.

Tip: The fine is reduced by 50% if paid within 20 days of it being issued. Details about paying the fine will be on the ticket.

Laws of the Road in Gran Canaria

Las Palmas Airport in Gran Canaria car hire collection.

The laws for driving are very similar to U.K laws and most European traffic laws. Still it is good to remind ourselves of the local laws in Gran Canaria.

Drink Driving:

There’s a zero tolerance policy on drink driving on Gran Canaria and the police do carry out roadside checks. On Gran Canaria, the alcohol limit is 0.5g, but it is better to refrain from drinking altogether if you are driving. Do not refuse to be breathalised. The police may also test for drugs if they suspect a driver is under the influence.

Speed Restrictions:

The speed limit in towns and cities is 50km/h unless otherwise indicated. Some of the main road are 80km/h – 100km/h depending on the area. On the motorways the limit is 120km/h. Speed cameras and average speed cameras enforce these laws.

Documents Needed:

You must have a driving licence with you at all times and have your passport/ID residence card. If you fail to show your licence if pulled over, you could get an on the spot fine of €150-200! Keep your insurance and car rental documents close at all times.

Other Laws to be aware of:

You will notice on the roads that many will have a solid white line running down the centre of the road. Do not cross this line to over-take the car in front of you. Do not cross this line if you need to turn left. Wait until the line is intermitent.
In tunnels you must use your headlights even during the daylight hours. Also a driver must wear a fluorescent jacket to get out of the car on a motorway or busy road.

Returning your Car Hire to Gran Canaria Airport

Allow a little more time than anticipated when returning your car.

When returning the car, try to have it signed back in and ask the person inspecting the car to confirm it has been returned without any new damage and with the correct amount of fuel. If you have to return it out of office hours, then it is good practice to take a picture of the fuel gauge and photos of the car if there is no-one around to inspect it.

How do I save money on car hire at Gran Canaria airport car hire?

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