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Internet WiFi at Gran Canaria Airport

In today’s world it is expected to be online and connected at all times. Even with offers of free roaming abroad from many home networks, it is likely you still want to log on to the airport wifi network. What are the options at the LPA airport?

Is there free WiFi at Gran Canaria Airport?

Yes, most certainly. Nowadays, there is no time limit on the free access to the airport wi-fi. You will need to register your email address and a couple of details to gain access. They allow you to be connected with a data allowance of 2MB for free. The free wifi is only accessible in the terminal building. Be careful of the free wi-fi scam.

How to Connect

  1. Choose “Airport Free Wifi AENA” from the Wi-Fi settings menu on your device.
  2. his will launch your browser and then type freewifi.aena.es.
  3. After the welcome page loads, enter your Aena Club Cliente account or email address to access the service.
  4. Complete the necessary information and read and agree to the terms and conditions.

Are there any PC terminals at Gran Canaria Airport?

Yes there are a number of PC terminals that travellers can avail of. Again this service is free once you log in to their system.
If you have a concern about using these PC’s at the airport, you should speak directly to AENA, the airport operator. Their contact details are as follows:

Airport helpline: (+34) 902 404 704
Email: [email protected]

What speed is the WiFi at Gran Canaria Airport?

The free service mentioned above is limited to speeds of 2Mbps on most devices and 2MB of data. This is usually acceptable to check your email, browse the web, or check out your Social Media accounts. However, if you require a faster speed or to increase your data allowance, then you need to upgrade to a premium level that you pay for.

How much does the Premium WiFi Service cost at Gran Canaria Airport?

To upgrade to purchase 10 megabytes of data within a 24 hour period the charge is €4.90. Therefore if you are a frequent flyers and travel via LPA airport often, then you could buy a monthly package for €15.00.

Alternatively, if you intend to spend time at the VIP Lounge at Gran Canaria airport you have access to faster speeds from within the lounge as part of the service it provides.

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