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Above you will see links to various helpful and informative pages helping you when you arrive at Las Palmas Airport on Gran Canaria.


All the latest news pertaining to the airport.

Covid-19 Update

After the Corona virus pandemic, what do you need to know when travelling via Gran Canaria Airport.


Check out the Live arrivals to Gran Canaria Airport. We track all the flights scheduled to arrive at Gran Canaria airport in real time. Check whether a flight has been delayed or whether it has already landed at LPA.


Check out the Live departures from Gran Canaria Airport. We track all the flights scheduled to depart from Gran Canaria airport in real time. Check whether a flight is expected to be delayed or whether it has already taken off .

Airport Map

Use Google Maps of Gran Canaria Airport to get directions to all areas on the island of Gran Canaria. Especially useful when you have a car hire from the airport.

Disability Assistance

If you have a disability and require help and assistance at the airport, this page is helpful. It outlines the facilities and locations at the airport in helping you arrive at the airport and going through security to assistance on the airplane.

Travelling with Pets

Taking your beloved pet on holiday? Maybe you are emigrating to Gran Canaria and need to bring him with you. This page shows the steps necessary to bring your pet to the airport, on the aircraft and fly safely with your pet.

Airport Security Screening

This can be a nightmare for some people. What are you allowed to carry in their hand luggage? Are the x-ray scaners safe? Read through some of our tips to help with this process of the journey to Gran Canaria.


Baggage restrictions are all different for different airlines. However there are basic requirements you need to know about. What restrictions are their for cabin baggage? What about your baggage in the hold? Check out this page for an informative helpful guide on baggage.

Airport Lounge

Fancy passing your time at LPA Las Palmas airport in style? Check out the airport lounge and what it has to offer. If you have a long wait at Gran Canaria airport it may well be a something to consider.

Bus Services

There are several bus companies on Gran Canaria. There is the local bus company providing a service mainly in Las Palmas. Also there are regular buses leaving and arriving at Gran Canaria airport. This page helps you plan your travel using the excellent bus service on the island.

Duty Free

Looking to go shopping after your visit to Gran Canaria. There is an excellent duty free shop at LPA with a variety of bargains and choice.


When you arrive at Gran Canaria airport, if you do not want to take the bus or hire a car, then the other option is to take an airport transfer. We have teamed up with Solhop to give you the best and cheapest airport taxi transfer from LPA to your destination on Gran Canaria.


What airlines fly in to Las Palmas Gran Canaria Airport. This page shows you theairline carriers that use the airport.


There is adequate parking facilities at Gran Canaria Airport. This page helps with all aspects of airport parking.

Internet WiFi

You can log on to the Airport WiFi when in the terminal building. Find out what you can use and the options available to keep connected.

10 Airport Scams to Avoid

Check out 10 common airport scams and how to avoid them. How to be prepared in 2019 and feel safe when travelling abroad.

Taking your Bike

Do you want to take your own bike to Gran Canaria? The island has some great roads to explore. Read our guide to taking your bike and getting it through check-in at the airport.

Child Car Seat, Booster Seats & Pushchairs

Many parents prefer the re-assurance of taking their child’s car seat or booster seat with them when they travel, therefore they should know what their airline carrier allows.

EU Cabin Regulations

Just what can you take in to the cabin when you board your flight? You may be aware of the weight and size requirements for your baggage but what about the contents? What are the EU cabin regulations?

Lost Luggage

What can you do if your luggage do not arrive at your destination airport. Our guide will explain the procedure to locating and having yourt lost luggage returned.

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