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Useful Airport Phrases in Spanish

When you arrive at LPA Gran Canaria airport, you don’t want to get lost or delay your journey wondering what to do and where to go. Not everyone is multi-lingual, and so knowing a few basic words and phrases, especially useful airport phrases in Spanish will go a long way in helping you navigate through the airport. Gran Canaria airport is an excellent airport providing good visible signage and directions to help the many passengers each year travelling through the airport.

Here are some of the Spanish words and phrases you will need to take your flight from Gran Canaria.
When you arrive at the airport, you may have just taken a taxi or dropped off your car hire, and now you are wondering where to go.

Arrival at LPA airport

You need to make your way to La terminal (the terminal). At Gran Canaria airport there is one main terminal, that is divided into four zonas (zones). When you get to Salidas (Departures) you will see las pantallas (the screens) providing all the flight information.

Check-in airport phrases

Once you have the information you need to check-in and drop off your luggage at the los mostradores (the check-in counters). The person behind the counter will ask me permits su passport for favour? (May I have your passport please?) Usually, they just proceed to weigh your luggage and give you the documentation needed for the flight. Here are some of the words you may see on your pase de abordar (boarding pass):
número de vuelo (flight number)
destino (destination)
número de asiento (seat number)
puerta de embarque (boarding gate)


After dropping off your luggage and with your boarding pass and passport in hand you then make your way through security. Look out for the signs for Puerta de Seguridad (Security Gate). The process is the same at all airports so after waiting in line the member of security staff will ask all passengers to poner objetos electrónicos y metálicos en la bandeja (put electronic and metal objects in the tray).

After this, you can relax. You likely are ready to visit tienda libre de impuestos (duty-free shop) or to have un café (a coffee).

Tener un buen vuelo (Have a good flight)

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