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On arrival at Las Palmas Gran Canaria Airport, what Covid-19 documentation is required?

When flying to Gran Canaria, you may be required to bring a variety of documentation, which will vary based on your situation. It is critical to be able to offer the proper documentation in order to board your aircraft and prevent complications upon arrival at Las Palmas Airport.

Recent Updates (details below):
Travellers arriving from the EU or Schengen nations will no longer be subjected to health checks. Health controls will continue to apply to travellers entering from non-EU, non-Schengen countries.
Unvaccinated travellers from outside the EU are allowed to visit Gran Canaria if they can show documentation of a negative Covid PCR- or antigen test.

Please Note: Please check with your airline or tour operator in addition to the information provided on this page, as they may have tighter requirements.

Covid-19 Requirements for EU and Schengen-Countries passengers

Health controls for passengers who arrive from the EU or Schengen-countries have been discontinued. So currently it is no longer necessary to provide proof of vaccination, proof of recovery or a negative covid-19 test result.

Requirements for Arrivals from Third Countries (Covid-19) (including the UK)

Anyone arriving at LPA Gran Canaria Airport from a non-EU, non-Schengen nation must meet one of the following conditions – check the list below for more information:

  • Vaccination documentation
  • Evidence of COVID-19 recovery
  • Result of a negative diagnostic test
  • Please be aware: Children under the age of 12 are exempt

Coronavirus documentation needed

All travellers entering from a third country at LPA Gran Canaria Airport must present one of the following documents:

  • An EU Digital Covid Certificate or equivalent
  • A completed Health Control Form

To check the validity of your Covid Certificate for travel to Gran Canaria, please use this link.

If you do not have a valid Covid Certificate, please click here to fill in a health questionnaire.

The Covid-19 test document must specify:

  • Travellers full name
  • The passport or ID card number that was submitted when filling in the health control form (please see above)
  • Date of test
  • Identification and contact details of the centre where the test was analysed
  • Test technique used
  • Negative result
  • Proof of recovery from COVID-19 on arrival in Gran Canaria. This certificate must be granted by a competent authority or a medical service within 11 days of the first positive PCR-test result, and it must be valid for at least 180 days after the test.

The proof of recovery paper must include the following information:

  • Full name of the traveller
  • When filling out the health control form, you must provide the number of your passport or ID card (please see above)
  • When was your first positive test?
  • The fact that the individual is no longer infectious
  • The country in which the certificate was issued is referred to as the issuing country.

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