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September Weather in Gran Canaria

By September weather in Gran Canaria the temperature drops slightly from August. It is hardly noticeable however the month is slightly cooler. Many prefer this month and the days are pleasant and refreshing, yet Summer is still in the air!
For many, this is a welcome change! There are a few days generally of total cloud cover and it may rain, but usually only during the night. However, October weather in Gran Canaria is still ideal for sun-bathing, lounging by the pool, or having a swim in the warm waters along the coast

Did You Know: Often the warmest day of the year usually happens in the first week of September! According to statistics, the sea temperature for September is at 24°C the warmest of the year! This makes this month ideal for snorkeling and sea activities and sports.

What are the temperatures during September

The air temperature can fluctuate between 27°C to 29°C so sunbathing is definitely very much an option. During the evening and night, it falls to a pleasant 21-22°C.

  • Average high temperature: 27.1°C
  • Average low temperature: 21.2°C
  • Daily mean temperature: 24.1°C

How many hours of sun during September?

For the month of September in Gran Canaria you will enjoy just over 12 hours of daylight, with the sun rising at around 7:45am and setting just after 8:10pm.

What is the rainfall in September?

Does it rain in September on Gran Canaria? Well, September usually sees just 10mm of rain in just 1 day of rain in the month. The amount can vary but on average about 10mm for the entire month of September. However, depending on where you are on Gran Canaria you are unlikely to see any rain if located in the South of Gran Canaria.

Remember: These stats for Gran Canaria weather are average temperature which includes the cooler and wetter north of the island. So it is likely you will experience more sun, warmer temperatures, and blue skies.

The trade wind always blows North-Eastern throughout the year. This provides a cool breeze that without this the Canaries would be like the blistering Sahara on the African Continent. These winds also give some humidity, to the region so that there are rainfalls in season. The waters surrounding the islands come down from Nordic regions providing a fresh cool temperature to the ocean.

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