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Weather in Gran Canaria

The weather on the island of Gran Canaria is near perfect! It has a sub-tropical climate. It is situated just 150 miles off the African coast. Therefore you can expect a warm and dry climate whatever month you visit.

Due to the Gulf Stream and trade winds and the position of Gran Canaria in relation to the other Canary Islands, the island enjoys an incredibly warm-mild climate year round. With over 300 days of sunshine a year it has one of the best climates in Europe. Also with the high mountainous terrain in the centre of the island, these mountains often provide a shelter to areas in the South. The North winds in the Winter tend to be blocked by these mountain that can sometimes see a sprinkling of snow. So in January and February it is good to bring a light jacket and warm long-sleeve garment.

The Canary Islands boast an “Eternal Spring” weather cycle. Many say it’s the “best climate in the world” Gran Canaria sits nearer to the Equator than the Mediterranean. Surprisingly due to the Trade Winds, in July the temperature barely rise above 29˚C. Also in the Winter, Gran Canaria is equally temperate. This is why it is a superb Winter sun destination.

Does it rain in Gran Canaria?

Rainfall is very unlikely during the summer months, both in the North and South of the island. However in all 12 months, rainfall averages 21 days per year, mostly over the Winter season.

Below you can read reports on each month of the year. The weather is fairly constant. However, it is good to check out in finer detail what to expect in each particular month.

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