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Lost Luggage at Gran Canaria Airport

You are waiting at the carousel and one by one people take their luggage and eventually you are standing there all alone, and the conveyor belt stops! Your luggage is lost!

What can you do?

Firstly you need to report your lost luggage to your airline’s lost luggage desk or their office at Gran Canaria airport, see below for details. Do this immediately before you leave the airport.

Generally staff will be able to locate your luggage on their computer which can trace where your luggage currently is and then arrange for it to be brought to you. If it has not arrived at Gran Canaria airport they will advise you on which flight it will arrive. You can give them the address of your accommodation/hotel and get them to deliver it when it does arrive.

If in the unlikely situation that your luggage cannot be found on their system it will likely have lost its barcode label or got accidentally derailed on the luggage conveyer system.

Left on the Carousel

Sometimes luggage can accidentally be left on the carousel at Gran Canaria airport. In these circumstances it will hopefully be picked up by airport staff and registered at the airports lost property office, see below for office details.

Ryanair928 579 311Floor 0. Arrivals Hall
Easyjet928 579 262Floor 0. Baggage Reclaim
Iberia928 579 216 Floor 0. Baggage Reclaim
Jet2928 579 270Floor 0. Baggage Reclaim
Aer Lingus902 502 737Floor 0. Arrivals Hall
Lost Luggage

How to Minimise the Chances of Losing your Luggage

Check In Early

During peak season or busy times the volume of people increases and unexpected technology glitches are more prone. Therefore, some luggage just does not have time to get through the security screening and vast conveyor belts at your destination airport and will miss the flight. Same applies when you are leaving Gran Canaria airport. Solution – don’t be the last to drop your bags off. Allow plenty of time.

Connecting Flight

If you are booking connecting flight to reach Gran Canaria at the time of booking make sure you leave enough time in between flights to allow your luggage to switch aircraft. So then plan wisely allowing enough time.

Remember too that the more connections the more the luggage has to be handled. This handling by staff can accidentally cause damage to the luggage tag attached to the handle, making it unreadable by the complex computer scanner. This can inadvertently divert your luggage to the wrong conveyor belt.

Handling agents who provide baggage services for airlines

The office for these agents can be located on Floor 0. Baggage reclaim hall.

Atlántica Handling
Telephone number: (+34) 608 062 811
Central offices telephone number: (+34) 902 391 392

Telephone number: (+34) 928 579 262 / (+34) 928 579 260

Telephone number: (+34) 901 111 500
Office at the airport: (+34) 928 579 216

Norwegian Air
Telephone number: (+34) 902 848 080

Ryanair (Azul Handling)
Telephone number: (+34) 928 579 311

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