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December Weather in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria with its high volcanic mountains that have a big impact on the weather during December. They provide shelter and protect the south from northeasterly winds. This results in drier and warmer weather for this month than most places in Europe. With its location only 150 miles West of the Sahara Desert, it experiences only a few days of rain, while the rest are sunny and warm.

Did You Know: In December the South of the island gets more sun and blue skies than the rest of the island. Therefore if you are looking to top up the tan, the resorts like Maspalomas, Puerto Rico, and Playa del Ingles are the hot spots to aim for. Hence, December can be classed as High Season.

What are the temperatures during December

The air temperature can fluctuate between 20°C to 24°C with the south feeling much warmer. Still, protect yourself with sunblock as the Winter sun can still cause skin damage. Even just walking about the temperature can feel a lot warmer than those figures. During the evening and night, it falls to a pleasant 18°C .

  • Average high temperature: 21.8°C
  • Average low temperature: 15.7°C
  • Daily mean temperature: 18.7°C

How many hours of sun during December?

For the month of December in Gran Canaria you will enjoy just over 10 hours of daylight, with the sun rising at around 7:45am and setting just after 6:05pm.

What is the rainfall in December?

This month sees the highest level of rainfall. On average it will rain just 4 days in the whole month with just 27mm of rain during that time period. Compare that with the UK with an average of 13 days rain and 87mm falling, you can certainly guarantee to enjoy some Winter sun.

Is the sea warm enough in December to swim in Gran Canaria?

Sea temperature average around 20°C in December. This is usually warm enough to take a dip in the sea in Gran Canaria in December. With the average air temperature of 19°C it could feel warmer in the water.

Remember: These stats for Gran Canaria weather are average temperature which includes the cooler and wetter north of the island. So it is likely you will experience more sun, warmer temperatures, and blue skies.

The trade wind always blows North-Eastern throughout the year. This provides a cool breeze that without this the Canaries would be like the blistering Sahara on the African Continent. These winds also give some humidity, to the region so that there are rainfalls in season. The waters surrounding the islands come down from Nordic regions providing a fresh cool temperature to the ocean.

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