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Water fountains at LPA Airport

As you are aware there is a restriction on carrying liquids through airport security. Any bottle water or drinks will be confiscated before you go through the security gate. Although this restriction may change in the next couple of years, currently LPA has no plans.

Buying water in the departure lounges or on the plane is expensive, especially if you have a family that are thirsty. This can be an expensive purchase as the cost to buy water is extortionate once you pass through security.

There are no restrictions however if you bring and empty plastic bottle with you. This is a good idea as once through security you can fill up your empty bottle with fountain drinking water.

Does LPA Gran Canaria Airport have drinkable water fountains?

The airport has a number of water fountains available to the public. These are strategically located at various boarding gates so a passenger can refill their plastic water bottle.
These are located:

  • Floor 0. Boarding
  • Floor 1. Boarding Gates C22-C23-C24
  • Floor 1. Boarding Gates B15-B16
  • Floor 1. Boarding Gates C34-C35
  • Floor 1. Boarding Gates C10-C11-C12

Bringing your own refill bottle also is kinder to the environment as it cuts down of plastic waste. It also help LPA airport cut down of the plastic waste each day that they have to dispose of.

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