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Covid-testing at Gran Canaria Airport

You may need a negative Covid-test certificate to board your flight and enter the country you’re travelling to,  depending on your destination. If you need to get a pre-departure covid-19 test to fly then the company Indavet carries out testing. However the facility at Gran Canaria airport is now closed. Consult their website for the location of their clinics.

Where is the covid-testing site located at Gran Canaria airport?

The covid-testing clinic is now closed. If you require a Covid test for travel, you will have to arrange this elsewhere on the island before you travel. Here is an alternative:

What tests are available at the clinics?

  • PCR test
  • Quick PCR test.
  • Detection of antigens. Rapid test.
  • Detection of IgG and IgM antibodies. Rapid test.

What do you need to bring to the clinic?

  • Face mask (optional)
  • Passport or National ID Number
  • One hour before the test, avoid eating, drinking, smoking or brushing your teeth

How and when do I receive my Covid-test results?

You will receive your test results by email within 12 hours. You can also view your results on the app or online.

See here for further covid-19 travel advice when arriving and departing Gran Canaria airport

Useful Contact Information

Fly Covid Test Center Telephone: +34 91 825 76 57

Indavet email: [email protected]

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